Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let's Get Dizzy In The Grass~

Currently listening to: Laura Veirs - Summer Is Champion (Another song I heard at work that was actually good. :3 ).

So where to begin? Let's start with my room I guess. XD; 

So after ripping half the rooms worth of plywood off the floor, I realized that I had to nail it back. -_- The floorboards under it are uneven, and a new wood floor would not sit on it properly. (I guess the plywood WAS there for a reason). It's not a terrible setback, since I had only removed two pieces. There is a small space which is going to need new plywood (where my cat had ruined it), and that's going to be a bit annoying to replace. My father went to Home Depot with the thickness measured, and they don't have the size I need in stock. ._. Its only a small spot though, so I can start laying down the flooring to the majority of my room. I also need to buy some bronze paint. I decided on that for the window and door outlining. 

I know I should be putting together my furniture AFTER I finish my floor, but I just couldn't help myself. I bought a bookshelf a couple of days ago, and I had the biggest urge to put it together. 

The first 3 shelves are my manga, and the last two are random books. (See my Harry Potter books? Hurrhurr :B ). I don't own much manga. ._. I'm rly picky about the series I'll buy. (Unlike Mizu, who buys anything off the shelf. XD). I want to add Hellsing to my collection, God Child, and the Castlevania mangas. Things I'm currently in in the middle of collecting are: Nana, Shugo Chara, Black Butler, and Loveless (if it ever updates). Angel Sanctuary is my favorite. X3

And today I bought myself a little radio/alarm clock/I-Pod dock. (I still have my 2gen nano XD). I got it cuz my other alarm was huge, and played CD's. I hate having to take out my imported prized Buck-Tick CD's. (I'm extremely over-protective of them. DX). So it's easier since I have their discog in my I-Pod. And look how cute it is! 

*noms on grapes*

So if you've been following the Aeria Games Megaten forums these past few weeks, you'll know the drama that's been going down. XD; It's pretty hilarious to sit back and read along. Clan Destiny's website/blog is the best place to hang out if you want to troll. (Link on the sidebar). Well besides the trolling, Royce's posts are always worth the read. They always include some sort of "insider Megaten skoop", or just something outright hilarious. I don't think I'd know what's going on with our community as well if I just read the forums alone. I'm not really an active poster on the forums. (I haven't been posting since day one, so I feel like if I start now, it'd be awkward, you know?)

My Thoughts on the Patch:
Wow~ CAVE's intentions are very clear at this point. They'll do anything to make you spend AP. By killing the last sources of macca in the games economy, you're basically forced to buy AP if you want to keep playing like you normally did. For a long time, I didn't buy anymore AP. All of Sue's gear (minus the flying wings), were all in-game bought. Who's going to buy my tarots and crystals now when there will be barley any macca being circulated along? Why doesn't CAVE make new dungeon's? Fields? Quests or acts? Instead, they keep making new sets. All they have are dollar signs in their eyes. If the GM's don't push for our sake, our community will die, just like the JP servers has. But from what we're all reading, the GM's don't seem to care about us either. 

I do like the new music, and I will stick around for Chain of Curse to update. But you will defiantly not see me on as often. Spiritual Mixing seems interesting enough, but I'm not going to dabble in it till I finish my current projects. 

Though this is a personal favorite from the update: 

  Scaly Man-Fish <3

My Thoughts about Our GM/GS Team:
I miss Jolt, and Xand, AKA: The GM's that didn't have dollar signs in their eyes, or cactus shoved up their asses. Apparently, the current GM's don't care about their jobs. Aren't they supposed to provide customer service, instead of being pricks? I never liked Dantine. All her replies were smug, like she thinks she's above all of us. Every time the community posts a legitimate argument, she replies with generic asshole answers. And GM Theenut, you're a big lolfest. Deleting the communities posts because, "you don't like them". Banning people because, of personal grudges? Royce and Indi were the only good GS's to ever come out of our community, and they both got kicked so quickly. (And they did more than most of the GS's do in that short period of time they were Sages). My belief is that if your genuine in everything you do, trouble won't follow you. There has to be some reason the community is in an uproar. They're just to oblivious to realize it, or they do realize it, and they just don't give a rats ass. :D Oh well. They won't have paychecks when all their customers leave.

Oh well. o.o My projects are going VERY slow. I barely log on, and when I do, I end up falling asleep from working so much. DX I did however, manage to do some Thoth leveling today. He's two more levels from learning Anti-Force, and after that I'll start leveling the Raiju. After that I still have anti-melee and anti-long range to obtain. ;>> (See? REALLY SLOW). I currently have a Vetella with Anti-Fire, Anti-Ice, Mediarahan, and Samarecarm. o_o I'm just throwing the skills together. I'll worry about making it a Dominion later. XD (That might be a year from now, at the pace I'm going).

Hello Sailor! Hello Sailor!

I did some duo's with Rira today. For some reason, I can't play shotmage to save my life, but I always duo the best with one. o.o I enhance, lure, and take the back of the rooms. Rira makes things explode (lol), takes the front of the rooms, and does most of the damage to Jiko. It works out pretty well. I'll make a video of us sometime. :3
We totally didn't mean to match. I just happened to still have my action blazer in my depo. Everything else is my main gear. o3o

Oh and Rachel (Voxive) is playing again a little! She's playing on her melee Liache. This is us doing her act 12.


She wants me to play Grand Fantasia with her again. My paladin is so epic. It can solo the end bosses in each cave/dungeon. She tanks, she attacks, she heals, and SHE NEVER DIES! And she's really cute. :3 (10k HP @ lvl 40 and climbing~ ).

TeeHee. Those wings were a gift. <3

Oh yeah! And Black Butler season 2 is coming soon! I can't wait. :P No Sebastian and Ciel, but it still looks interesting enough to watch! Claude is <3!!!
Preview of Love

!!!!!!!!111!!1klkjgkfljgkldxfkdx <3<3<3

 /end fangirl rant

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I barely have anytime for Megaten. (sorry guys QQ). Today was the first day, (in like a week lol), that I logged on. I wanted to check my post, and YAY! the Devil Survivor outfits were finally sent. ^.^ I got 2 sets: one for my new alt and one for my friend Niki. (Back from The Cruxifer days). My new alt is an arm's maker (if I ever have the time to actually work on her XD). Ayaki has a TON of raw materials in his fuel tank, from back when I use to farm for rubber and bronze on him. Her names Ryutora. I was trying to name her after the lead singer of Plastic Tree, Ryutaro, but that name was already taken. Oh well. o.o;

Last Thursday and Friday I spent NOT doing my room. (Lol wut). I needed a break, and I've been neglecting my friends for quite some time. So Thursday night I slept over Rachel's (Voxive/Liache) house. That alone is special in itself, since her parents are crazy and forbid sleepovers. (Out of the 8 years I've known her, I've only slept over TWICE DX). I had fun, and the following day, she gave me her bike. :3 So I pedaled over to Chris's (Kaito/Mizu) house. Then we we got Alexis and Rose (they don't play Megaten lol...well Alexis did for a little while), and we spent the day together. :3 The best part is when we went to see Splice. I'm not going to spoil it, but that movie gave me the biggest boner of my life. o.o (If you REALLY don't want to see it, ask me. I'll fill you in). That commercial tells you NOTHING of what happened in that movie. Easily my favorite movie of the year (so far).  I urge you all to GO SEE IT!

Saturday was work (yay~ -_- ). Then Sunday I had requested off. I was supposed to join Chris, Alexis, Kayla (Ouki), and some other people for a pro photoshoot, but I decided against it last minute. I wasn't even going to be in the pics to begin with. XD I figured it'd be cool to watch though. o.o 
So I spent the day trying to work on my floor. I pulled up two big pieces of plywood that were nailed to my floor. Remember when I said that there appeared to be a nice hardwood floor under it? WELL IT LIED! After I pulled up one big piece, I realized it was fake. ;-.- Linoleum. Really really OLD linoleum. Why is my floor like an Earth Science diagram?! (Carpet -> Carpet padding -> plywood -> linoleum -> linoleum padding -> original floor. WTF!?) So now I have to finish pulling up the plywood, and remove crap. I only did two pieces of plywood and I'm already sore. Q.Q It's nailed pretty hard...

(EXCUSE THE MESS!) (Taken from sitting on my bed).

My mother brought home a cute corner desk, and a matching night stand from some rich family. There were matching dressers and a shelf but my mother took those into her room. I still have a ton of work to do. *Wishes myself luck*

Oh and the reason I'm complaining about my eye is because, it's becoming infected. I woke up this morning for work, and it felt sore. Then as the day progressed, it got worse and the eye lid started to swell. The eyeball itself isn't red or veiny at all. o.o It's the eyelid, and the corner of my eye that really hurt. What's wrong? Q.Q I don't have health insurance god damnit! DX