Friday, May 28, 2010

Clearing Things Up?

So I decided to make my own blog. Why's that? At the end of the day, I will always have myself. I use to post on Rambo's clan blog, a blog that I started for what I thought would be a clan that could last and stay strong. I was wrong. Looks like I've finally realized that drama will always make it's way to the surface, no matter how close you are (or thought you were) to your friends. It was like Cruxifer all over again. (With it's own differences of course).

A lot of ex Rambo members, members from my new clan Cyberia, and other people that knew Rambo, always wonder what happened, and ask me for the story. I give them the basics: drama, QQing, no one giving a crap, Kishow is an asshole, etc. Then I figured that I should just make one final "closing statement". (So if anyone else asks me, I'll just link them to my blog. ;>>).

The first signs of Rambo's problems started with dope: A.K.A.: personal problems he QQd over and took it out on Rambo. What's sad is that the whole drama he started shouldn't have even affected our clan. It's just one person, QQing over feeling left out when he made no effort to include himself. I make myself perfectly clear when I say: I will not purposely exclude anyone, if they make the effort to talk to me. Attention is a 2-way street.

Dope and Ayumi (Seta, Anura) were originally dating. Dope left Agito and joined Rambo to be with her. All was good until he started QQing to Ayumi about how he wants to leave. Of course she asked why, and then it turned ugly.

First and foremost, we're not going to make you a sub master just because you're dating the clan master. If you're seriously going to QQ over that, then actually make an effort to help out and earn your spot, like everyone else did. (It clearly was not a popularity issue, because people who weren't doing their jobs got unsubbed. ;>>). Now with that said, he still tried to pry into our sub meetings (with clear hints to gtfo), and tried to change our clan to something it was not. We never made the clan with the intention of being some epic elitist clan, but just for close friends and anyone who wanted to join, relax, and hang out with us. (Sorry we didn't want to be Agito. :P)

He also claims he is more experienced and fit to run a clan. (And called us all stupid and incompetent in the process). Reason being? "I'm lvl 93 lol." Are you serious? That doesn't mean shit. A leech can hit lvl 93 no problem, if they always have a party. (See: Agito, demongirl666, New Moon Daisoujou's). Ayaki is still lvl 86, and I've been told many occasions, including by his own ex girlfriend, that I'm way better at it than he is. (Skill/common sense > level). She even said that it was awkward to do speeds with him because, he couldn't clear the rooms fast enough like I could. (Come on. MB is not that hard. ;>>). With that being said, he doesn't take advice well either. When I was with him in a speed run, I suggested using SA to save time when the Koppa-Tengus dodged your shots. He said he'd rather not because, he doesn't like being SA locked. I in return, suggested that rapid is fast enough to kill something even if you are locked, which I have experienced many times. He did not take this very well. Apparently I'm too dumb to give him suggestions about rapid, cuz I don't have a lvl 93 alt. (This was before lvl 97 cap btw). And I have also heard other instances where dope wasn't a nice "team player".

So even with all that in mind, he even went one step further, to have a personal beef with me. He claims that I was trying to take his girlfriend away from him. He was also pretty angry that I was there for her when he was harassing her, talking to her and helping her through it. He said something to the affect: What are you her protector now? (Sounds like an abusive boyfriend, no?)

So with all these lame personal issues, he managed to turn around and make it about the clan. How we needed to "fix the clan", and how he should become a sub and run it. Uhhhh.........

First, what was wrong with it? Second, who in their right mind goes from "I has issues with my girlfriend QQ" to "this clan sucks and needs my superior guidance to fix it" ? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Your insecurities have NOTHING to do with this clan. Fuck off. End of story.

After he left, he PMed me for a long while, about how I'm ignorant and I don't care about people. What a load of crap. I don't even need to write anything here to defend myself.

So that was the beginning of the end. That cluster fuck of QQing shouldn't have done anything to us, but unfortunately, it did.

From there, things slowly began to go downhill. A lot of people began to quit Megaten. (And they were right for doing so. o.o; ). So in turn, the solid core that was Rambo began to fall apart. People started to become less and less interested. Lots of events were planned with awesome prizes, but no one cared to show up. (This led to more dope QQing. Shampoo collected the most Oni horns for the clan, but dope, for some reason, felt like he should have had first prize. W/e...). Then Daisoujou camping was born. That alone made another big rift between clannies. One night we had a submaster meeting planned. Then date and time was planned 2 weeks prior. So Mizu and I showed up. Yang and Ayumi were on, but they were too busy camping for hours for the meeting. Simplified: Losing their camp spot was more important than their clan. So the meeting never happened, after Mizu and I waited for hours into the night for New Moon to end. That little story alone should tell you why I hate Daisoujou's. Yang's enhancer isn't even that good, but it's lvl 95 now. Seriously? (I like Royces B/S/T thread on Cerberus Barter. S> Dignity to New Moon Daisoujou campers).

So everyone lost interest, or got fed up, and in the end, it was me trying to run the clan by myself. Mizu was finishing school so he was never on (which I don't blame him for), and all Yang and Ayumi did was camp camp camp!

Then Kishow comes back. He was a member of Rambo who joined when it was first made. He was cool, and I was happy he returned. But a couple of days later, he made a complete 180. Ayumi had made him a sub while she was away for the week at her friends. It was only so he could invite one of his friends. Problem is, she didn't unsub him after he did that. That alone was Ayumi's biggest mistake.

First, he caused a ton of drama over Nocturne, which included calling the sweetest girl in the world a greedy whore. Then, he started recruiting a lot of people. So I asked him if they were level 25? He said no. So I told him to invite people that were level 25 or higher from then on. Why? That was a clear clan rule, and it's unfair for the people who had to level before they joined. And come on, level 25 is not hard. He snapped on me, and I even apologized for being hard on him. A few hours later, I see him kicking Shampoos alt from Rambo. So I tell him to stop, and he goes on a massive kicking spree, until he kicks 30 people. We had to call Ayumi on her cellphone to get on and kick him. By then it was too late. Right before he left, he said to me, "That's what you get for fucking with me." Are you fucking serious? Later I find out Kishow didn't know it was me because, I was on Suelita when I asked him to please recruit level 25 and higher. Even so, I don't give a fuck who tells you! I would have still been equally as upset if I logged on later to find half the clan gone! And way to over-react, don't you think? I ask you to do one thing, and even apologize afterwords, for you to do something like that? Ayumi asked me if I could ever forgive him. My answer is clearly a big fat no! Also, Ayumi got a lot of criticism for not being hard on him. Just showed how much she really cared about what happened to her clan.

So a couple of days after that, I left. No point in saving something that no one cared to save, but me. After I left, Rambo was officially dead. (Says a friend who stuck around a few days after I left, only to follow me to Cyberia).

So that's basically what happened. o.o That must have been a huge headache to read. It was all a ton of retarded bullshit drama, that shouldn't haven even happened. I thought we were all grown-ups here. Apparently not. ;>>

W/e. Moving on now~

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