Monday, May 31, 2010


Currently Listening To: Anya Marina - Move You (Heard it at work. Been stuck in my head ever since).

So I finished painting. I was planning green for the longest time, but in the end, I went for a deep violet. These flowers my mom planted inspired me. 

So Friday was spent painting. Mizu helped me. It was really funny to watch him paint. (And I mean that in the sweetest way possible). We bought painters tape to put around the rims of my windows and door, and he STILL managed to paint over them and onto the spots I wanted left alone. It reminded me of a little kid who couldn't color in the lines in their coloring books. It was really cute, but now I have to fix those spots before I paint there. XD I can't decide if I want the window and door rims to be gold or silver. I say gold because, yellow and violet are complementary; They look very nice together. I say silver because, it goes along with the colors you should be wearing during a ritual if you're a female. o.o (If you're wondering what that means, go right ahead and ask).

We did the first coat. Some spots we couldn't paint because spackle was still drying. XD In other words, it looked like crap after Friday night was done. Mizu put these cute hand prints on my wall. (Too bad I had to paint over them. ;.;). He also drew a "heart bunny" on my door, as he called it. I'm cool with that, since my door needs replacing anyway. (Don't ask. ;>>). 

So I worked Saturday, and when I got home, I continued painting. Mizu wasn't there this time; He was attending a graduation party. That lasted till about 1am. It looks so much nicer now. :) I really like it. It's a nice change from that yellow crap. Defiantly didn't do anything for my psyche. 

 I'm not doing anything tonight. I got home way too late, on account of District Managers being dick-weeds. I went to work at 12pm, and was suppose to close, and get out at 8pm. Then suddenly, the DM decides to make us stay open till 9pm, and leave at 10pm. 10 hour shift, not bad. (Really that's not the part I cared about). What I care about is having only 2 people close, including myself! When my manager told all the closing employees that they needed to stay longer, they all flipped and refused to stay. (Rich and I were the only ones who didn't give her a hard time). So we were the only 2 closing. -_-; What was the DM thinking? Maybe some warning would be nice, so there would be people scheduled! I was short handed all night, being the only one on cash dealing with crazies. Whatever~ Vickie (my manager tonight) called the GM and told him that he owes me and Rich. :3

So my plans for this week are as follows~ I need to buy gold (or silver) paint to finish off the painting portion of my project. Then I'll spend Thursday and Friday ripping up my floor. o_o I'm going to chizzle away the wood that's against my wall, instead of the little saw idea. If the floor under it is fixable, I'm going to buy wood filler and repair the nail holes. Then re-finish the floor. Hopefully that's the case, because that's WAY cheaper than getting a complete new floor put in. We'll see what the damage is. o_o 

After that, I'm just going to slowly replace my furniture. :3 Work my ass off and get a room I can finally relax in. (And not have rotting furniture and carpet). I'm going to theme the room to be geared towards my pagan beliefs. (A part of my life no one really knows about). I need something I can come home to and literally be "taken away" in. (If Mizu's up for it~). (J/k~).

Oh and by the way. Rira is my new wifey~ (Don't tell Mizu X3). She won a Necromancer Wrath, and I'm going to slowly buy it off of her~ It's so sexy. Muahaha~

We took these screen shots together. 

As you can see, I FINALLY got what I've been waiting for~ Flying Titania wings FTW! ^.^ My wish list for Suelita is finally done. (Except the demons I have yet to make her). 

P.S.: I'm still not over Isaac. (Castlevania: Curse of Darkness). If he existed, I'd jump his bones faster than a _________. (Insert clever joke here).  Hurry Mizu~ 

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  1. What am I supposed to but up for D:? Does it involve candy cause I might be up for it.