Friday, May 28, 2010

New Clan + New Life

In Megaten News: 
So after I left Rambo, I decided to join Cyberia, and help them out. A former submaster of Rambo, Lain, is the master of this clan. He's really cool, and what I really like about him, is that he doesn't let pointless drama get in the way. ;>> He stood by me, like a brother, when I was alone in the lost cause that was Rambo. He'd spend hours with me when I felt alone and needed someone to rant to. So how could I not repay the favor and come help him out in Cyberia?

When I first joined, I honestly thought no one liked me. (Cept Zel. We were buds for a long time). But that quickly changed and they started to warm up to me. I guess I had to prove myself to them that I wasn't just some random "highbie". Most of the clan is lowbies trying to get off the ground, and midbies trying to perfect themselves. Which is nice. I like being in a clan that isn't focused on Daisoujou's or annihilating people in PvP. Lain's trying very hard to make it a clan from the good old days, before Ichi Gold sponcering existed. That is what separates the good players from the high level noobs. I bet you a high level noob couldn't even do a Sugi Gold, or even solo a Sugi Silver for that matter...

Then I was made a submaster. I don't even know why to be honest. XD! I'm in the middle of a semi-break/getting my life together phase. When I go on, it's to chat for a few minutes and to check the Demon Snacks for cards. (Need one more Kushinada-Hime DX). I guess it's because Lain trusts me, and I have sub experience. But I'm kinda being a bad sub right now. o.o;

Also, some minor drama is stirring up, which I'm trying my best to completely avoid. XD; It's only with one person, who also likes to QQ when they're not the center of attention. Nice to know they pointed fingers at ex Rambo members as one of their reasons to drama all the time. I'd hardly call 3 active ex Rambo members in Cyberia a "Rambo Reunion". Whatever their jealousy is stemming from, it's ridiculous. Yay for more adults acting like children! XD! 

Either than that one bad apple, I really like this clan so far. ^.^ It's a shame I'm so unmotivated to actually play right now. DX I'm busy irl, and when it comes to logging on when I have the time, I just don't feel like playing. o_o I have demon projects I started, but have yet to take the next step. (Which is odd because, making demons is my favorite thing to do in this game. ;>>)
The first demon that I planned was an Inexpierenced Dominion with this skill set:
  • Anti-Melee
  • Anti-Long Range
  • Anti-Fire
  • Anti-Ice
  • Anti-Electric
  • Anti-Force
  • Mediarahan
  • Samerecarm
For the longest time, I had 20something DCM's sitting in my depo. So a week ago, I finally decided to get 90 DCM's registered. I finally did it. o.o (I'm such a procrastinator). And Suelita can officially solo Ichi Gold, so it shouldn't be that hard to level the demons I need, right? Well I don't feel like it atm! DX Ugh........W/e. I'll do it eventually. -_- (I have all the demons I need for the skills. All that's left is to level). 
I have another demon planned after that one. It'll be an Inexpierenced Sudama with these skills:
  • Maragidyne
  • Mabufudyne
  • Maziodyne
  • Mazandyne
  • Megido
  • Megidola
  • Megidoraon
  • 30% MP Boost
Again, TOO LAZY TO LEVEL! DX I'll do it eventually. ;>.>
So why have I not been playing as much? That brings me to the more important IRL news! :D

IRL News:
So after struggling to deal with USA's retarded economy, I finally found myself a new job! :3 Yeah yeah, so what if it's at Big Lots! I LOVE that store. I'm getting paid more than I was at Taco Bell and Friday's. It's also a lot easier and less stressful than my last jobs. I'm being promoted in a month and I get a raise every 3 months. It's also within walking distance. (Screw you Fridays. Taking the train + walking in crap winter weather). My fellow employees are hilarious. The mangers are just as cool. What more can I ask for? Oh yeah! Employee discount on already really cheap awesome crap! :D

This job came just in time too! I started a desperately needed project! I'm redoing my room, completely. My poor room has taken beating after beating, from litters of kittens that I've raised over the years. The last litter Paige ever had birthed only one kitten, Izzy. (The one that was born under my desk while I was hanging out with Cruxifer doing some run. Sorry Royce, I didn't name her after you. XD). 

Izzy ended up being more trouble than she was worth. She is a really sweet cat, but growing up, she never learned how to use the litter box. All the other kittens Paige ever had followed her example and learned how to go in dirt or soil. So why couldn't Izzy? I honestly think she's mentally special. ;>> She's really tiny, doesn't behave like a normal cat would, and she doesn't grasp simple concepts that should be embedded in a cats instinct. I do feel bad for her. She had no brothers or sisters to play with, and no one wanted her when it was time to give her away. I felt like I'd be the only person on Earth who would put up with her. And for a long time, I did. 

But as a result, I lived in what I call filth for a year. So I started this project this week. I already threw away most of my furniture. And yesterday I spent the whole day ripping my carpet out. (Thank god Mizu helped. XD). It was absolutely disgusting! The carpet smelt so bad, and the padding under the carpet was soaked in certain spots. So after all that was removed (and thrown out my window), I ran into a bigger issue. Some of the wood flooring was soaked too, but only in the one spot Izzy liked to pee. (I ended up learning how to contain her in one spot, so she could at least pee in one spot and I could put a garbage bag there or something).

When you look at my floor, it looks like long wood planks were nailed to it. It looked like there was floor under it. So Mizu decided to lift one of the smaller pieces. It turns out, there was a beautiful wood flooring done under it! What were the previous owners of my house thinking?! They ruined a perfectly good floor. Even if I lifted all the wood planks, there's nail holes all over the floor. QQ! (And now I have no choice but to remove the rest of it). Fine. I'll remove it, and get a new flooring installed on top of it. (I hate carpet ;>>).

But then I ran into another problem! My room is in the attic, which use to be one giant room, before my father put a wall up and split it into two rooms, which are now my room and my brothers room. he built the wall ON TOP of the wood planks. So when Mizu and I tried to rip out a piece, we realized those wood planks continued UNDER the wall and to the other side. I was like: FUCK!!! Now I have to find a way to saw along that wall, but not cut too deep into the real floor under it. UGH!!!!! Q.Q My sister said something about this tiny hand held saw she saw on TV. I need to look into that. -_- 

Today I'm painting. I'm going to Home Depot and Big Lots when Mizu gets home from work. I need to first get my check, then buy some paint rollers, brushes, and sand paper from Big Lots. (Cuz its mad cheap there :3). Then head over to Home Depot to pick up my paint and spackle. I want my room green, but I thought maybe it should be purple. I'll decide when I get there. ;>> So on today's agenda: spackle the little holes and paint my room! My walls look horrendous right now. I can't wait to finally get this done! 

Future plans? My mother works for a cleaning service, and she comes home with a lot of things the rich families are giving away. (They really like her). So last weekend she came home with a ton of nice REAL furniture. (You know, the heavy shit with real planks of wood, not packed wood chips ;>>). She gave me the night stand, and next week she's picking up a desk and a dresser. I'm getting those two pieces! So that crosses off things I need to buy! As for my floor, I need to find a way to cut along the wall to remove those planks of wood nailed to my floor. Then I'm probably going to call a flooring service to install a new floor for me. (Like Empire or something). Removing shit is easy. XD Installing the new floor is beyond me. (Painting and fixing holes is easy too. ;>>). 
My buy list goes as follows:
  • Bookshelf
  • Desk Chair
  • TV Stand
  • Bamboo Window Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Matching Comforter
  • Bed and Mattress (This is defiantly last on my list. ;>>).
This is going to take a while. I need to save save save! Thank god my new boss likes me. I'm already getting more hours.  Eventually I'll think of more things. Eventually I need to get my drivers license (already have the permit), and look into getting into a trade school or something. ;>>
So after all of this, you can see why I have no time to bullshit around on Megaten anymore. XD (Or any game for that matter DX). It's less drama I don't need to deal with at the moment. ^.^
Moral of the story kids: IRL > MMO

Side note: God I really want to play Castlevania. Mizu needs to go beat it faster! D=


  1. Pft Castlevania is my game lol xD. I can beat it as slow or as fast as I want too :>>

  2. "I like being in a clan that isn't focused on Daisoujou's or annihilating people in PvP."


    I don't understand Daiso grinders in the least bit. Yay I hit 95 in a month? What do you do now, go back and enjoy the dungeons you were supposed to be running when you were lower leveled? Everyone talks about how much they hate Ichi Gold, or Sugi Gold, or any other dungeon; what the hell is the point in playing at all then? It's pretty much a fact that the spoiled kids are the ones playing with Daiso trying to overcompensate their teenage angst with a high leveled dress-up doll doing NMs while the mature people are enjoying the game for what it is.

    Don't get me started on PvP. Been there, done that. I'm just glad I nothing it at this point.

  3. Woaw~ Sorry I noticed that comment so late. True rant is true. <3 (Like I even play enough to care anymore. XD)